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Our Noble Mission


While in our program, each horse is evaluated, rested, rehabilitated, and then retrained. Many reach the show ring and regain their esteemed status. 
Suitability of rider to mount is paramount. We vet prospective owners,
and we expect that
they do the same.

A Passionate Team

The Winter Farm board of directors is comprised of "back in the day" horseman and women of various disciplines - from racing to hunters and jumpers.
Holly Carter is heart and soul of the organization along with the staff and volunteer that contribute so much to the horses.

What to Expect

Our horses can be ridden at The Winter farm, and we accept returns if your situation changes.
We do not sell over Internet and we do not offer trials.
We do require a sales contract for each adoption.
The Winter Farm - North Carolina
Located in Summerfield, NC.

Our Goals

We are interested in incorporating into our program: veteran associations for PTSD, therapeutic riding, and equine assisted learning activities.
Our Process
Each Thoroughbred that come to us off the track gets all the time they require to let down and be a horse. This process can be short or long, but it is never rushed.

When they tell us they are ready to move on - we pick them back up by trail riding to get them relaxed ad going forward.
The horses give us an idea of their suitability for second careers and then we start to retrain for the discipline they prefer.
Southern Pines

Perry Flynn

Perry is a professor of speech language pathology at the UNC Greensboro and a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship certified riding instructor. He has been riding hunters and jumpers in the amateur ranks throughout his adult life.

Executive Director and boots on the ground of The Winter Farm

Jill Davies

"Having taken 25 years off from showing in the amateur-owner jumpers, and getting a total right hip replacement (along with more titanium in the right lower leg), a year ago I started riding my boy Willy aka Luv Me Do. I have worked hard to get my ‘feel’ back and muscle memory I’m very happy to have come this far and thank Kyla Roeber and Tommy Serio for giving Willy the training and show experience in the hunters while I recovered from a double compound fracture. Willy wants to be a jumper and that is the direction we are headed! Thoroughbreds rock!!"

Holly Carter


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